Teen Suing N.J’s Juvenile Justice System

According to the article “Inmate who was sexually assaulted as teen suing N.J’s juvenile justice system”, an inmate from New Jersey Juvenile detention center was raped by an employee who goes by the name of Karen Selmon. The victim stated that this incident occurred on June 1, 2015 at the New Jersey Training School for Boys. This individual offered contraband to the teen while expecting sexual favors in return. She has been accused and plead guilty to the charges. Now the teen is seeking an undetermined amount for damages caused.

Now, when speaking about this article it does not surprise me that there are occurrences like this. As a community we should ensure that our facilities are doing and providing the way they should be. When people enter the system especially at a young age it is important to help them and allow them to see that there are better things. When incidents like this occur it goes to show that there is a lack of professionalism and we need to find a ways to educate people to know how to separate work from personal. Although the teen was aware of what was happening, it was up to Selmon as the supervisor to avoid this incident from occurring.

If interested in reading the full article click the link below and you will see some interesting facts about the sexual victimization juveniles face within our facilities.



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