Teen Acuses Police Officer of Punching and Kicking Him in Carteret NJ


Police Officer place on administrative leave following accusations of beating a 16 year old after a car chase. During this short chase the unlicensed teen hit a utility pole. Allegedly the teen walked out of the vehicle with his hands up and with no visible injury. According to the teen, after he stepped out of the vehicle and that is when the officer grabbed him and punched him causing him to fall on his back. Than a dozen blows more were directed to the teen. The teen was hospitalized for a day and a half following the incident. This case in currently under investigation.

This is just another story of police brutality. It is understood the teen was driving this car illegally being that he did not have his license, but it seems to me that the frustration he made the officer feel was soon to be seen. As a professional in the role of a police officer having patience is a major part in the job. In my opinion, the officer went to far and now he must hope he does not lose his position.

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Child Held Hostage in Newark

According to the article on NJ news, today, June 14, 2017, a man in Newark was taken into custody for taking a child hostage. This occurred at the New Community Douglas Homes on Hill Street. There was a peaceful negotiation where no one was hurt in the end.

This article is different compared to the previous postings but it is important to also take a look at the dangers juveniles face. It is not known whether the child was a known person to the male but he could have simply been a stranger. There is no information as to what or if the child was exposed to anything dangerous. It is important to think that when incidents like this occur it can scar anybody. This is a 8 year old who will look back at this day and think about things he had to see and even hear although it was only for a short period of time.

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My Back Story


Hello Everyone,

By now you have been able to see two of my postings. My interest in the juvenile system should be quite clear by now. I enjoy reading and hearing about incidents involving juveniles. My desire is to work within the juvenile system some day and help those who may have fallen off track. I believe there is always a reason why things happen and by coming to my page I look forward to engaging in conversation with those who share the same interest.

Teen Suing N.J’s Juvenile Justice System

According to the article “Inmate who was sexually assaulted as teen suing N.J’s juvenile justice system”, an inmate from New Jersey Juvenile detention center was raped by an employee who goes by the name of Karen Selmon. The victim stated that this incident occurred on June 1, 2015 at the New Jersey Training School for Boys. This individual offered contraband to the teen while expecting sexual favors in return. She has been accused and plead guilty to the charges. Now the teen is seeking an undetermined amount for damages caused.

Now, when speaking about this article it does not surprise me that there are occurrences like this. As a community we should ensure that our facilities are doing and providing the way they should be. When people enter the system especially at a young age it is important to help them and allow them to see that there are better things. When incidents like this occur it goes to show that there is a lack of professionalism and we need to find a ways to educate people to know how to separate work from personal. Although the teen was aware of what was happening, it was up to Selmon as the supervisor to avoid this incident from occurring.

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Juvenile Defense Team in L.A County


Last month, http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-juvenile-defense-20160405-story.html, provided an article on a big issue occurring within the juvenile courts. On Tuesday, April 4, 2017, Los Angeles County supervisors gathered to vote in hopes of finding better ways to improve the defense team being provided to minors accused of serious crimes. 

There has been an uprising issue in the L.A county’s misrepresentation of juveniles in the courts. The pay structure is causing the juvenile clients to get bad service which can result in unfair practices. Often times public defenders and panel attorney’s are not provided any resources. They are paid a flat fee of $340-$360 per case, in addition to having to pay for resources such as investigators or training out of pocket. There is no doubt that by expecting this payout the motivation behind pursuing these cases is slim. With the inability to afford a private attorney’s, families are appointed public defenders but when they are not available their cases are to be given to panel attorney’s.

Those cases taken upon by panel attorney’s are often times more serious and complex crimes, which often lead the minor to being transferred to adult court more often than they would if a public defender was to take on their case. This can bring about many negative consequences being that the average age for offenses to occur are from late childhood to teenage years. During this time, environmental factors take a toll on the actions that come about. If we allow the juvenile courts to send minors to the adult courts there is no hope to change their lives around.